How to get your full Bond Money back while Vacating your Property?

If you wish to conclude your tenancy while residing in any part of Australia (including the Gold Coast), then there are certain regulations that you have to follow in advance. It is important that you provide a 14 days written notice. While vacating the property, it is imperative to leave the rental property in a state as it was while you accommodated in. In order to get your full bond money back, it’s significant not to give any excuse to the property owner at the time of final inspection.

Most of rental disputes occur due to lack of cleaning or poor condition of the premises. As a responsible tenant, you should return the premises in a clean and disinfected state to get the full bond money back.

If you wish to acquire a refund of the full bond money, then it is advisable to stay on the safer side and hire the services of the expert in the cleaning industry such as Bond Cleaning in Gold Coast. As the service providers would remain specialized in the bond cleaning so they can easily accomplish the task easily without leaving any chance of complaint. Professionals come fully-equipped with high-end tools and spruce up the premises according to the REIQ-approved checklist.

However, there are certain important things you need to take care of when moving out of a rental property. . Focus on certain inspection clauses followed by the property owners on the Gold Coast while inspecting the condition of the property. Here, you can see the checklist that can ensure your maximum refund.

The vacuum of all the regions of the property and cleansing of all the sliding doors and windows.

Sweeping and mopping of all the non-carpeted floor area in order to remove any stain.

The condition of the carpets has to remain identical to the state as mentioned in the original Residential Condition Report. If needed, the cleaning of the carpets is to be done. Hiring trained team will remove grease, grime, and stubborn stains from your delicate floorings and make them look as good as new.

What if pets were there at the property?

For the properties in the Gold Coast, it is imperative to sterilize the carpets through a registered Pest Control Company. It is vital to provide the copy of the paid invoice with all the service details mentioned on it.

Do not forget to hire the pest control company if you have a coffee business and want to market or grow it.

Additionally, the bond cleaners hired by you has to take care of the light fittings, light switches, skirting boards, cupboards, architraves, shelves, wardrobes as well as the security screens.

Cleaning of the kitchen

Please make sure that the services provided by the bond cleaners thoroughly cover inside and outside of the stove, griller, oven. Racks, trays, dishwasher, sink, drainers, faucets, all the surfaces of the refrigerator, etc. It is good to clean the countertops using baking soda solution to restore the look and shine of your marble surface.

Cleaning of the bathroom and the laundry

Tell the bond cleaners to thoroughly wipe the surfaces of the mirrors, walls, floors, drawers, shower recess, towel rails, shower curtains, and the built up soap residue on the surface of the tiles.

Properly clean around and inside the washing machine, laundry tub, shelves, inside, outside and around the dryer.

You can read more cleaning tips and tricks to make your house look sparkling clean all day long.

Verandah and garage

Please ensure that the railings, light and glass fittings properly cleaned. Properly sweep all kinds of oil residue, grease from the driveways. Keep the garage door closed (and locked) if applicable.

Here, it is important that you hire the services of pros for the standard market price. You may come across a few of the service providers offering bond cleaning jobs for half of the market price. But beware, their inferior quality service may cost you the bond amount.


Keep these important tips in mind and impress your fussy landlord if you are at the end of your tenancy. It is good to hire professional bond cleaners in Gold Coast to get the full bond back with ease and maintain a healthy indoor space.